Friday 8 June 2018

Tips For Building a User-Friendly Website

Landing on a website that’s difficult to navigate makes the circumstances more frustrating. A user friendly web development company tries to build such websites that is user-friendly and affordable as well. Everything should be intuitive, cluttered and not overly complicated. If the visitors become frustrated, they will leave the page immediately. This is why creating a user friendly website is so important.

User friendly web development companies should create their websites with the concept of usability in mind. This feature keeps the visitors more engaged in your page. It makes sure that the visitors will stay longer on your website. But what makes your website a user friendly one? It needs fully responsive design, visible content, important buttons, careful handling of the font, colour and so on. You should keep in mind too to put contact information and social media link.

A user friendly website is not only beautifully designed but also has some key-features which are beneficial for the overall design as well. User friendly web development companies make visitor’s job easier while navigating through your site. Here are some tips to improve website usability. Subsequently your target market will stay on your site. It will provide you an increase in your ROI.

Let’s discuss about some tips for building a website.

Ensure a simple navigation

While building out a site map the goal of a user friendly web development company should be to keep it as simple as possible. You should name each page appropriately. Make sure that the sub navigation relates to its main navigation bar.

Logo should be at the top

You should place the logo of your website in the top left corner of your webpage. So that the visitors get information whose site they are in a glance. They can identify your company’s name quickly with the content in front of them.

Place navigation at the left top

The visitors need to be able to see their preferred options to navigate through the site of your company. You should place your navigation at the left top side of your site. If you can, anchor it there. You should make sure the navigation is above the fold too most importantly.

Add search functionality

Some of the visitors are more web savvy than others. You should add a search bar in order to make the web design easy for all visitors to find any information they are seeking for. So place the search bar and the icon at the right top of your website.

Highlight the navigation

You should highlight the navigation to indicate where the visitors are. You can guide visitors to specific pathways throughout your site. You can instruct your visitors which page they should view or which action they should perform.

Use simple content

You can use terminology that helps to establish yourself as an expert in your field. But using so much jargon may confuse the readers. And that should be terrible for your business. While writing content, it’s great to use keywords in a way that makes visitors comfortable with the topic. It enhances the chance to build trust for your brand.

Use photos and images

You should be careful while choosing photos on your website. A user friendly web development company makes sure that they are of high qualities. The photos should be related to the content of the page.

User friendly web development makes a website easy to understand and easy to handle. So while building an official website for your company, remind the tips and follow them.


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