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Thursday 31 May 2018

10 Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital channels to reach the consumers. Top Digital marketing trends help this digital marketing to gain lot of popularity. Several businesses of large or medium-sized are creating their online presence with the help of digital marketing at present.  They are promoting their services and products through numerous social media channels and sites now.

The online marketing industry is complex, large and unpredictable. A Digital marketing company Kolkata can better appeal to the internet users by striking the right point. The sooner the company strikes, the better it can appeal. Subsequently the company stays ahead of the competitors. The most reliable top Digital marketing trends make things easier for the digital marketing companies.

The marketing industry has witnessed several developments that would surely shape the future of marketing. Artificial intelligence is one of them. The fact is that now nearly every consumer carries smartphone. So the behaviors and expectations have been changing with personalizing modern strategies. Top Digital marketing trends help to meet their expectations.

Let’s have a look upon to 10 digital marketing in India.

1. Mobile is dominating desktop

As we have seen Google has virtually terminated all websites that were not optimized for mobiles in the recent past. Universal presence of hand-held devices and fading away of desktop traffic clearly indicates that the smart investment rests on mobile-focused internet marketing. Therefore, mobile search and mobile optimization should be the top priority among top Digital marketing trends.

2. Social conversion

The power of social media is well-known by us. The online communities will not remain bound to only attracting new prospects or company-consumer conversation. Instead they will provide opportunities to improve the conversion rates. The same for e-commerce and lead generation websites have been witnessed by us already.

3. Dedicated apps

The dedicated applications offer all the features of mobile-optimized website. Though it is offered in a more convenient, innate and accessible ways. Already Google has offered app indexing. That will certainly bring in advantages to have a dedicated app.

4. High-quality and unique content

The contents are often referred to as the “king” in digital marketing. It will remain an essential part of any online marketing campaign. A Digital marketing company Kolkata focuses on content marketing with the best quality. Stream of professional writers and video producers will make content marketing more competitive. Readers can connect with the unique, high-quality and interactive contents.

5. Search conclusion will change

The search engines algorithms will change with the huge amount of information are being added to the internet every second. Search engines will keep on updating their result to decide which content should get priority and rank higher in search engine result pages.

6. 2018 will be the year of wearable technology and smart devices

Past few years have shown us the unveiling of the smart devices that can keep us connected with the digital world. Remaining of this year 2018 will experience more of such smart devices and innovations in wearable technology. Those can decrease the difference between “online” and “real” marketing. It will be one of the top Digital marketing trends for 2018.

7. Increasing dominance of video ads

Video advertisements are certainly nothing new for social media operators like YouTube and facebook though. The news of Google entering the strain with in-SERP video advertising will change the whole range of online advertisement. It will suggest the increasing acceptance of video ads among users.

8. Growth hacking will continue to progress

Growth hacking have been progressing further in recent years. The necessity for digital marketers to grab their audiences’ attention quickly through social media platforms, viral marketing and organic ads in 2018 will take growth hacking to another level, even in bigger one.

9. Online advertising will be more expensive

A tremendous growth in digital marketing practices over the last couple of years has been witnessed by us already. The competition for online space and dominance over the internet will expand further in future. A digital marketing company Kolkata specifies on online advertising to walk a more way.

10. Conversion rate optimization

It may not sound like a new term. Conversion rate optimization helps you to track user-behavior on your site. It helps to identify elements that are producing the highest number of conversations. It’s time to introduce the pivotal one among top Digital marketing trends on your website.

Tuesday 8 May 2018

Why Web Hosting is Essential for a Business

Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page on internet. A web hosting service provider provides the technologies and needed services for a website or a webpage. It helps a web page to be viewed in the internet. Websites are either hosted, sorted on special computers that are called servers.

If users want to view your website, all they need to do is to type the website address or domain into their browser. The computer will connect to your server. Your webPages will be delivered to them through the browser. You need to own a domain to host with the hosting companies. They will help you to purchase you a domain for your online presence.

Website hosting services are basically the place where your website display window sits on. There are different types of hosting services that serve the various business-types. Some of them build the entire website or some of them just help you to do so. You should choose a hosting company depending on your business model and size. You can weigh features and select the best service for your company.

Still confused? Here are some reasons about why web hosting is essential for your online presence.

Availability on internet

The more your website is online, the better chance you have of selling products and services to potential clients. You should always look for a web hosting provider that offers a guaranteed uptime. If you are paying small amount to get your website online then there is a chance that your website will be offline more than being online.

Fast loading

You should tie the knot with a good web hosting company. It’s important when it comes to page loading times. Some web hosting providers contain poor quality hardware or too many clients. Even they don’t have enough resources to share around. These causes ultimately slow your website. Consequently your potential clients will end up looking for services elsewhere to avoid enough waiting.

Needed support

It’s not easy to run a website whether you are experienced or not. So it’s important to have a web host that is always ready to serve you whenever you need their support. The good web hosting provider has multiple support methods. It helps you to contact with them whenever you need to. Being with a host that doesn’t offer such support services will make your website to suffer. Consequently your viewers and your page will suffer.

Search Engine Ranking

Choosing a good web hosting provider is important for your website. If your website suffers, the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) will suffer consequently. Google or other search engines will forbid websites that mostly go down. So it’s very important to choose the right provider, especially if you want to get a perfect search engine presence.

Loss of files

Sometimes a web host decides to cease their service as they aren’t reliable. It can be one of the worst things that can generally happen to your web hosting experience. Because it can always means a loss of files. So it’s always worth to pay more for a well-established host.

The above mentioned reasons are just some of the reasons for choosing a web hosting company. It’s important to choose a reliable host to serve your website. Unless your website will fail and your investment will go down the drain with it.

Thursday 3 May 2018

Why is Web Development Essential for Your Business

It offers you easy access of data, professionalism, excellent investment, great marketing tool, lasting value, improve customer support and so on. You need a website for your own business as people spend their much time on internet. Consumers want to get their required services online. It can help you to achieve a huge audience to show your brand information.

Now the question is why you should choose certain web development companies. In recent years, web development expanding is the trend. That’s why most of the businesses turn into online today. The website is the most effective way of e-marketing and this is an intelligent way to grab more consumers to the business. As company cannot perform it by itself, they need help of web development companies. A web development company offers an extensive range of web development services to a number of businesses. They build websites for companies with tools, skills and expertise.

So, get back to the above-mentioned question- why the web development is essential for your business. There are certain reasons for it. Let’s have a look.

24/7 accessibility

When you are ready with a business strategy and a physical outlet for your business, you can grab the attention of your audience throughout the day when you are present at your store. But it doesn’t mean that it’s all what you need to grow and flourish. People are quite tied up with their daily life and busy schedule. So it’s quite natural that they have less time to visit your store. But if you develop a website for the same business-plan in online forum, there is much more chances to grab and link up with more audience. People are wired up with internet whole day and night right now. Just fill your website up with required basic information and data, people can connect with your company any time of the day.


A well-developed website always helps people to stay tune in and have their required information. A shrewd business understands that having a website is so much essential now-a-days. It’s so convenient in lodging their item, administration, so their potential clients can pursue the required items they want to buy. So, if you are a service provider, put your all necessary information on your website. A well-developed website will help you to earn better business. But make sure your website is developed to ease things up and not confusing towards your preferred audience.

Great website build trust

A well-developed website is one of the elements that help you to build trust among you and the visitors of your website. Establishing a custom web plan that uses the components to enhance trust can assume a part in changing the presentation of your website. It provides a decent impression on your online presence.


With your online presence, you can link up to social platforms and showcase your products or services to a huge audience worldwide. You can advertise and share your work on social platforms to gain more than your targeted audience. All you need to focus on your company’s website and grab web development services.

Portable Responsive

Web configuration and contents work simultaneously to provide you the ultimate success to your website. It is required that your website resembles an expert one.

Although web development assumes a crucial part in the business achievement, till now many of business owners are not interested in promoting themselves on internet. But it can provide them a great profit though.

Tuesday 1 May 2018

How a proper website design helps you to gain more business

The quality web design is a valuable investment. Hiring a professional web designing agency will lead you to take an advantage of the countless benefits. A quality web design designed by professionals can help you to strengthen your business. Subsequently your brand can grow towards success. The first ever website was designed to adapt its layout was It was launched in 2001. A website has the ability to have significant impact on your business. It can have good and bad both impressions.

A responsive web design simply means making websites that can adapt to the size of the visitor’s visible area of a web page which is known as “viewport”. The different areas of web design include web graphic design, interface design, authoring, search engine optimization, user experience design and proprietary software.

If your website isn’t optimized for web, it’s the principle cause that you are missing a huge potential summit for your business. Mobile now represents 65% of all digital media time according to Search Engine Land. Here we are discussing about how a proper website design helps you to gain more business.

When a company is developing a website they must remind that first impressions matter immensely. If the content or layout is unattractive, viewers will stop viewing. People want to stop wasting their precious time with an un-appealing project. Viewing is extremely important for a responsive web design that is optimized for multiple platforms.

Responsive design focuses on the user experience across platforms. Then ultimately it generates business. An easy-steering site can make or break a profuse sale. Here is how a responsive web design helps a business to generate a greater number of adaptations from your traffic by generating more business leads.

Website non-segregated with a smooth experience over multiple devices
Optimisation option for SEO, traffic and overall user experience
An active online presence

The first benefit of a responsive web design is that the users can get a smooth experience. And the best part is it can be achieved on whatever device they use. It can be their mobile phone, a table or a desktop. Users can find the required information without any hassle in their user journey. The user interface design is one of the most important elements of responsive design.

Now many people use multiple devices. All search engines requires your solid online presence. Simultaneously you have to be considered as an authority in your industry. This is partly determined by the experience that is provided for the average user. It is important to have a blog with abundant content and an active role on multiple social media platforms.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Benefits from responsive web design include:

Increased deal
Growing business leads
Increased sales
Increased revenue
Quality user experience
Improved user journey
SEO compatibility

Greater targeted deal enhances potential business leads. It leads to transformation. A higher SERP on targeted keywords will help your business to generate more leads. A responsive web design is one way to help in achieving the required higher placement.

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