Thursday 31 May 2018

10 Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital channels to reach the consumers. Top Digital marketing trends help this digital marketing to gain lot of popularity. Several businesses of large or medium-sized are creating their online presence with the help of digital marketing at present.  They are promoting their services and products through numerous social media channels and sites now.

The online marketing industry is complex, large and unpredictable. A Digital marketing company Kolkata can better appeal to the internet users by striking the right point. The sooner the company strikes, the better it can appeal. Subsequently the company stays ahead of the competitors. The most reliable top Digital marketing trends make things easier for the digital marketing companies.

The marketing industry has witnessed several developments that would surely shape the future of marketing. Artificial intelligence is one of them. The fact is that now nearly every consumer carries smartphone. So the behaviors and expectations have been changing with personalizing modern strategies. Top Digital marketing trends help to meet their expectations.

Let’s have a look upon to 10 digital marketing in India.

1. Mobile is dominating desktop

As we have seen Google has virtually terminated all websites that were not optimized for mobiles in the recent past. Universal presence of hand-held devices and fading away of desktop traffic clearly indicates that the smart investment rests on mobile-focused internet marketing. Therefore, mobile search and mobile optimization should be the top priority among top Digital marketing trends.

2. Social conversion

The power of social media is well-known by us. The online communities will not remain bound to only attracting new prospects or company-consumer conversation. Instead they will provide opportunities to improve the conversion rates. The same for e-commerce and lead generation websites have been witnessed by us already.

3. Dedicated apps

The dedicated applications offer all the features of mobile-optimized website. Though it is offered in a more convenient, innate and accessible ways. Already Google has offered app indexing. That will certainly bring in advantages to have a dedicated app.

4. High-quality and unique content

The contents are often referred to as the “king” in digital marketing. It will remain an essential part of any online marketing campaign. A Digital marketing company Kolkata focuses on content marketing with the best quality. Stream of professional writers and video producers will make content marketing more competitive. Readers can connect with the unique, high-quality and interactive contents.

5. Search conclusion will change

The search engines algorithms will change with the huge amount of information are being added to the internet every second. Search engines will keep on updating their result to decide which content should get priority and rank higher in search engine result pages.

6. 2018 will be the year of wearable technology and smart devices

Past few years have shown us the unveiling of the smart devices that can keep us connected with the digital world. Remaining of this year 2018 will experience more of such smart devices and innovations in wearable technology. Those can decrease the difference between “online” and “real” marketing. It will be one of the top Digital marketing trends for 2018.

7. Increasing dominance of video ads

Video advertisements are certainly nothing new for social media operators like YouTube and facebook though. The news of Google entering the strain with in-SERP video advertising will change the whole range of online advertisement. It will suggest the increasing acceptance of video ads among users.

8. Growth hacking will continue to progress

Growth hacking have been progressing further in recent years. The necessity for digital marketers to grab their audiences’ attention quickly through social media platforms, viral marketing and organic ads in 2018 will take growth hacking to another level, even in bigger one.

9. Online advertising will be more expensive

A tremendous growth in digital marketing practices over the last couple of years has been witnessed by us already. The competition for online space and dominance over the internet will expand further in future. A digital marketing company Kolkata specifies on online advertising to walk a more way.

10. Conversion rate optimization

It may not sound like a new term. Conversion rate optimization helps you to track user-behavior on your site. It helps to identify elements that are producing the highest number of conversations. It’s time to introduce the pivotal one among top Digital marketing trends on your website.


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