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Website Marketing Strategies for Small Marketing Budget

Website marketing is a process where you attempt to increase your website’s traffic by using many techniques. Nowadays marketers are shifting their marketing process through the cyberspace. Online marketing is more effective than door to door marketing and still more serious than a T.V advertisement process.

If you have a vast sum of money, then you can easily start your marketing operation from an extraordinary platform. But my article is for those, who are unable to start their marketing process from a big platform. These tips will help those to start a low budget marketing process.

Start a Blog

 Start a blog also a good idea to improve your website’s traffic. It does not a matter what kind of website you are running. Still, you can start a blog. Insert the blog updating habit in your everyday curriculum and update some good writing. In a survey, Google found that 70% of monthly traffic is called by blogs. 

Comment On other’s Blogs

A cracking way to start is comment on other’s blogs which is related to your website. Give good comments also try to throw some good hints. Side-by-side improves your own blog with some great piece of writing and then paste your web site’s link to those websites comment boxes. It really works. Surely you will get some serious visitors for your website.

Use of Social Network

Social networking sites (Facebook, Tweeter, Google+, LinkedIn etc) are the powerful platforms where you can easily get some great feedback. Create a profile on every social networking site. Share your web site’s link with your social network profile. Social networking websites are the best sources of traffic.

Optimize Your Website For Search Engines

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very vital part to make traffic in your website. Google, Yahoo and Bing these are the main search engines. Through SEO, you can rank higher on search engines.

Play Questioning and Answering Game

Many question and answer sites are available on the internet like Yahoo question and answer. Give solution to those questions which are related to your website or services you are presenting. You can get new visitor or customer for your website.

Paste other popular Website’s Link

It is also a beneficial idea to get a better attitude among the results of search engines. When you are presenting any information about any topic which is related to your website then paste any other popular website’s link at the end of your writing. Google can optimize that link and show your website among the hunt results.

Use the Power of YouTube

Not only do videos, you can use YouTube to show how good your website or products are. Many big branded websites have done this for a long time and it’s effective. You should not only claim that your website or product is good. You have to show that why your website or product is good

Update your website and blog every day

It is the last point, but equally important like first. Update your blog and website every day. Attempt to input some odd topics in your blog. After getting a respectable number of traffic don’t stop updating because your visitors demands will be increased. So don’t disappoint your readers or visitors

Don’t be hopeless because it’s a long time process to make your website famous. So just play hard and try to improve your blog every day. 


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